The 2022 season will be starting soon, and we will be playing approximately 50 speedgolf rounds between April-September when we have the most early morning light!

    Also, we have started a new Orange County chapter and all local OC players are welcome to join us.

    Email us with questions, comments or interest in playing


    Speedgolf is a fun, fitness-oriented, fast-growing sport, which combines two popular but unrelated activities, golf & running. Golf no longer has to take 5+ hours or replace a fitness workout.


    We're growing speedgolf in Southern California and always welcome new players to join us for upcoming events at local courses. All abilities welcome to play. Only requirements are you play golf (ideally <25 hdcp), are able to run/jog/walk briskly, and like to have fun


    • Same rules, same courses, but a new approach to golf since speedgolf adds the element of time as an additional performance factor. In a speedgolf tournament, your speedgolf score is your golf score added to the time it takes to complete your round. In tournament play, golfers play and are timed individually 
    • Speedgolf SoCal rounds are played by groups of 2-4 of similar speed and abilities, keep their own score and play with their group 
    • Players move as quickly as they are comfortable with between shots, use a limited set of clubs (4-6), and carry their own bag, which is usually a smaller, lightweight stand or carry bag. Bags are carried, not dragged, and never placed on the green surface
    • Etiquette and general golf rules are the same as golf, players are expected to care for the course (rake bunkers, fix ball marks), and be aware of other players in their group
    • Players are approved to wear athletic attire, comfortable running shoes. Rain gloves are recommended if you tend to sweat when working out/running
    • Speedgolf will improve your fitness, improve your golf game and allow you to play more golf (9 hole rounds average 30-45 minutes, and 18 hole rounds average 1-1.5 hours for speedgolfers)
  • 2022 Speedgolf SoCal Membership

    Speedgolf SoCal is a fun, membership-based club, open to all skill and fitness levels.

    We are a collection of like-minded golfers, runners and fitness-enthusiasts who share the love of playing more golf, increasing fitness, and doing it all by 7am and getting on with the day.

    Your golf game will improve and you will become more fit playing speedgolf


    Membership is $50 for the 2022 season (April-September), and includes the following:

    • 1st priority reserve your spot each round (limited to 12 players/round)
    • Tech players jersey & club sticker
    • Discounted green fees ($18-$20 for 18 holes)
    • Access to speedgolf loaner bags (as available)
    • New friends
    • Ability to brag to co-workers that you already finished 18 holes and 4+ miles before they got out of bed
    • We also are an official SCGA club so you can join SCGA through us ($36) and post your scores as part of our club.
    • Anyone can come play one round before joining to see if it's right for you (provided there are available spots)

    Email with question about joining us!


    Read about the fast-growing new sport of speedgolf

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    Welcome to Speed Golf, A Sport for Maniacs Who Also Golf!

    I spent a round with these guys who formed the LA chapter of this growing sport. They play 18 holes in about an hour!

    A Unique Combatant To Slow Play

    Combining golf with fitness is building momentum

    Pace of Change Podcast series

    Broadcasting The Evolution Of Golf In The 21st Century

    In the next 5 to 10 years the game of golf is going to undergo some major transformations. This purpose of this podcast is to broadcast the evolutionary journey the game of golf is on as we head into the chaotic and mind-numbing pace of life in 21st Century. That’s right, we are inviting you, the listener, with us on this incredible adventure this game is embarking on.

    Each week we’re going to keep you up to speed on the latest game changing news and developments, we’re going to bring you interviews with the pioneers, thought leaders, and change agents in the industry, and highlight innovative breakthroughs in technology and alternative formats like speedgolf, footgolf, disc golf, and fling golf. All this will shed light on the ways in which golf is changing to keep pace with the demands of the modern world.

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    15 Things you must do this summer in SoCal

    Southern California


    Speedgolf mixes the precision of golf with the athleticism of running for an exciting, fast-paced sport. 18 holes, about 4 miles, and in under 75 minutes.



    After all, isn't summer about getting your workout in early so you can chill the rest of the day?

    Speedgolf Arrives in Los Angeles

    South Bay local Garlin Smith bringing athleticism & fitness to golf

    Los Angeles, CA


    Olympic Runners Take On Speedgolf World Championships

    "It was alot of fun, very challenging. I'm hooked. I want more." - Nick Willis, '08 Olympics Silver Medal-1,500 meters 

    Runner's World Magazine


    Ready. Set. Golf!

    "At speed golf's premier event, Olympic runners, a U.S. Special Forces captain and a chiropractor blazed through 18 holes."

    GOLF Magazine


    Pace of play not an issue in speed golf

    "I play at 6 a.m., run five miles, get in 18 holes, get home by 8 a.m. and my wife and kid are just getting out of bed.'"- Tim Scott, Speedgolf Professional

    NBC-The Golf Channel


    Speed golf continues to grow around the world

    A ton of great articles on the growth of Speedgolf around the USA and the world




    Cross train? Triathlon? Check out the most unique hybrid sport in the world!

    This is an oldie but such a goodie!

    Professional Speedgolfer Rob Hogan provides a great video tutorial into the new sport of speedgolf

    18 holes of Speedgolf in under a minute!

    Very cool video of Christopher Smith, founder of Speedgolf International playing a flawless round at Bandon Dunes Oregon

    Speedgolf World Championship at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

    Watch some of the world's fittest & fastest golfers compete for the title of 2012 Speedgolf World Champion. This 36 hole event was contested on the the Old Macdonald and Bandon Dunes courses at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in October, '12. The event was covered by CBS Sports and broadcast prior to Masters TV coverage.

    Considered the fastest woman speedgolfer, Lauren Cupp introduces The Today Show audience to our emerging sports of speedgolf!

    Rancho Carlsbad gets on the Speedgolf SoCal train!

    Speedgolf SoCal and Lululemon team up to participate in the largest Movember fundraiser in US

    (over $50,000 raised)

    Check out our Speedgolf SoCal channel on YouTube for videos of our players in action

    Start of the 2018 Speedgolf SoCal season

    SCGA Featured Club: Speedgolf SoCal



    2022 Speedgolf SoCal Schedule

    Come join one of our weekly groups and experience speedgolf in a fun, friendly and non-competitive group format. We always have the first tee times of the morning, you play in a group with similar speed and ability and you are helping build a great new sport. We start at sunrise and you can expect to finish between 1-1.5 hours

    Please contact me if interested in joining one of our groups (do not call course directly)

    Speedgolfers start at first light, which is about 15 minutes before official sunrise, you can check sunrise times by date here

    Chester Washington Golf Course

    1818 Charlie Sifford Dr

    Los Angeles, CA 90047

    Chester Washington is a flat, fast course and has been a great supporter of Speedgolf SoCal, and is a great course for speedgolf beginners or veterans. Wide open fairways with some slight hills, our groups play between 75-90 minutes for 18 holes.

    2021 Schedule

    Starting in April, we will be playing every Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Space is limited and first priority given to Speedgolf SoCal members, but new players encouraged to join.


    Please contact Garlin Smith here if interested in learning more

    Costa Mesa Country Club

    1701 Golf Course Dr

    Costa Mesa, CA 92626

    Costa Mesa CC offers 2 challenging 18 holes courses. We have recently started a Speedgolf SoCal OC club in 2021, and welcome new players interested in joining for the 2022 season

    Please message Garlin Smith here at Speedgolf Socal if interested in joining


    Below are Speedgolf tournaments around the US and the world, open to all ages and abilities. Each event's formats vary but generally include an elite/professional division and amateur/age group divisions


    Please visit SPEEDGOLF USA for information on the 2021 USA tournament schedule



    Please visit PLAY SPEEDGOLF for information on the 2021 International tournament schedule



    Please let us know if you have questions or are interested in playing speedgolf at an upcoming events


    Connect with us and let's play some speedgolf!



    Speedgolf SoCal